Initially Yours
by Heidi

Pacifier Holder Clips:

Germ freaks dream come true! (Ok not really but this helps!)

Pacifier holder clips are an easy way to not only keep your baby's pacifier clean and safe from getting lost, but it
                                                      can be fasionable
-Each pacifier clip has two ends. On one end, there is a clip to attach to your baby's shirt, bib or carseat. This end has the puffy clip embroidered with your baby's initial
The other end has a handy snap to attach to the pacifier's handle.

STEP # 1: Choose the fabric (availabilty varies)
STEP # 2: Choose the ribbon (availabilty varies)
STEP # 3: Choose the letter
STEP # 4: Choose the color of the letter (available colors: Hot Pink, Bright Blue, Green and White)

Pacifier Holders can be made and available within one weeks time.

*Each pacifier holder clip is made with your baby's safety in mind. Please do not leave baby unattended with pacifier holder clip due to risk of strangulation/ choking. Initially yours by heidi will not be held responsible for any injury caused by pacifier holder clips.

PRICE: $10.00 each. Shipping additional $2.00
        -Shipping will require you to send check, once check has cleared, your item will be shipped. Paypal set up in progress!